Monday, October 15, 2007

Wave Of The Future

Another great sports weekend, only slightly marred by the Indians extra-inning explosion. The Rockies continued their improbable run to the World Series. The Gopher hockey squad opened with a pair of victories in the Icebreaker tourney. The Wild beat down the hated Ducks to go to 5-0 on the young NHL season. And the Vikings escaped with a dramatic last second win over the Bears in a game that featured more big plays than the Purple were able to muster all of last season.

Speaking of last year, after the Vikings lost a meaningless late-season game to the Packers, I commented that I was actually happy about the outcome since it would improve the Vikings position in the draft. A few obnoxious Packer fans (talk about a superfluous adjective) responded that my reaction was just sour grapes. Well yesterday, those result of those "sour grapes" was a very fine wine:

A. Peterson 20 224 3 73

But hey, it's not like the Packers need a running back, do they?

D. Wynn 13 37 1 7
V. Morency 4 11 0 6
B. Favre 3 8 0 7

Okay, but at least the player the Packer drafted has been a difference maker, right? Heh, heh.

Enjoy your fluky 5-1 start and aging quarterback now Packer fans. Because in the very near future Purple is going to be the new black.

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