Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Board In Edina

Dave from Edina e-mails for information:

What's the line on Edina elections? I have no way of knowing which school board candidates are on "our" side. I tried to look for clues in their ads and local newspaper articles, but its hard to tell. Any advice?

Our Edina connection answers the call:

I personally am voting for the 3 male candidates (other 3 are women). Peyton Robb is a man and Bert Ledder is a woman so it's tricky.

1- Andrew Cialla (or something similar) is advocating more trade classes to prepare kids for the workforce.

2- Peyton Robb man mentions "fiscal responsibility". And a super-liberal friend of mine does not like him. 'Nuff said.

3- And I will vote for Cory Whalen even though he is not actively campaigning just to send a message that I don't want the others (his name remains on the ballot).

The women are all about the same thing....early childhood education mandated by the state, and more money for the chilrun. With no end in sight.

Unfortunately no candidate is talking about tackling the "open enrollment" issue! I think we are up to 15% of the kids being from outside the district. And my understanding is although the money follows them from their district, it does not cover the cost fully.

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