Friday, November 09, 2007

You Got Your Politics in My Music Review

Neil Young appeared in Minneapolis last night and according to reports, he uncharacteristically left his tiresome, partisan hectoring out of the proceedings:

Young did not indulge in heavy politics in song or conversation, as he did last year on his "Livin' with War" album and his tour with Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young. On Thursday, he was friendly, chatting about "growing up a few miles north of here" (Winnipeg was his teenage home) and how geese make the sky seem dark (a comment as cryptic as some of his lyrics).

Never fear, what ol' Neil failed to put down, the Star Tribune reporter was glad to jump in on:

The true believers ate up the obscurities, including "Sad Movies,"Mellow My Mind" on a banjo and "Ambulance Blues," a Nixon-era tune with the line "I know a man who tells so many lies" that resonated in these Bush times.

And we all know what those "lies" are. Right? All those lies. Damnable LIES!

Or maybe you're one of the people who don't know. Or one of those people who identify the "Bush Lied" phraseology with a juvenille, asinine misinformation campaign to erode confidence in this administration and slime our country's motives in fighting the war in Iraq. And maybe you're one of those people who question the intelligence and integrity of those perpetuating this nonsense. And one of those people who are a little put off to see it showing up in the Entertainment section of the local monopoly newspaper.

Since this review was written exlusively by and for those who resonate with the notion of Bush LIES, those other people must not really exist. Or if they do, the newspaper management must think they don't count. They must not be potential customers and don't read newspapers. Maybe they're right. At least in that those people got the message and don't read newspapers anymore.


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