Sunday, December 23, 2007

Book Talk

Thomas PM Barnett provides a partial list of books he read this past year and his thumbnail reviews. Granted he's no oasis of literacy like Dan Barreiro, not a single pulp romance or mystery appears on this list. But it is a very impressive list. Given my respect for Barnett's intelligence and discernment, I'm happy to say I considered reading no less than three of these. No doubt many of the remainder will make up the list of books I will have considered reading by the end of '08.

Not appearing on the list is something I ran across in the Pioneer Press the other day. Looks like former Gopher basketball player Walter Bond has gotten into the old writing game, with this destined to be classic:

Former Gophers and Timberwolves guard Walter Bond, 38, who has become a nationally sought motivational speaker, has sold nearly 7,000 copies of his new book, "All Buts Stink," which decries the use of excuses as alibis.

Chapter One, He Who Smelt It Dealt It - How To Stop Blaming Others.

Chapter Two, Pull Your Own Finger - Be an Agent of Change

OK, I could go on and on with embarrassing, sophomoric banter. And I just might offline (it will be more entertaining, and less scatological, than how the Vikings are playing right now). But I see someone else already has taken the case. TC Sportszone noticed this book seven months ago, took a look at the author's web site, and provides the definitive review.