Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Click Take A Pic!

A few photos from my recent trip to Russia.

The inviting airport at Chelyabinsk.

Book your vacations now!

A Christmas tree in Chelyabinsk.

A campaign billboard in Chelyabinsk.

They won by the way.

A building near Red Square at night.

[At this point of the trip, I had drained the battery in my digital camera (mostly by taking a lot of pictures at the hockey game in Chelyabinsk--post on that forthcoming) and didn't have my recharger with me. The rest of the pictures were taken with my cell phone.]

The eternal flame near Red Square honoring the fallen from WWII.

A Christmas tree on Red Square.

A skating rink on Red Square.

When I saw the rink in such an incredible location, I desperately wanted to lace 'em up and do a couple of laps just to be able to say that I skated on Red Square. Unfortunately, the rink's schedule and our travel plans didn't quite mesh and my dream was denied. Next time.

And of course, the iconic Saint Basil's Cathedral, which presents a plethora of amazing views depending on your vantage point, the weather, and the time of day and year.

You could spend hours walking around soaking in its magnificence. Well, if it wasn't December you could.