Thursday, April 03, 2008

How Well Do You Know Your Acronymns?

I'm getting a hoot out of reading the posts on

Many of these posts talk about balanced reporting. I spent a decade heading a public health agency and dealing with the "scare of the day" invented by you worthless losers. Journalists who had no concept of scientific studies would pick and choose from the info given them by our toxicologists and epidemiologists (who they refused to identify as Dr. because they had Ph.D or DVM degrees and their rules only use that title for MD degrees) and "balance" them with the alarmist drivel of some housewife who claimed the entire neighborhood had cancer. They could keep a story with no basis going for months or at least until the next housewife showed up. I have zero respect for anyone associated with the news media and do not consume the piffle they produce. FOAD and/or ESAD to all you journalists.



(Journalism is) a quasi-profession made up of a bunch of people who have tremendous self-esteem issues due to the fact that they are constantly forced to talk and write about people who are smarter, more interesting and more accomplished than they ever will be.

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