Thursday, September 04, 2008

Oh, the line forms on the right, babe

One of the great things about politics is the many twists and turns of fate that humble the most knowledgeable of minds and eventually makes fools of all who try to divine the future. Consider for instance the chucklehead who penned the following after the "Gang of Fourteen" compromise on May 25th, 2005:

Clearly, this deal spells the end of John McCain's presidential ambitions. (At least as a Republican. Last night, Hugh Hewitt was speculating on his talk show that McCain could pull a "Perot" and run as a third party candidate, which more than likely would ensure that a Democrat (Hillary?) would win the White House.) All the flirting, back slapping, and cheerleading for McCain by the likes of Chris Matthews won't help the Arizona Senator get back in the good graces of the GOP faithful now.

Clearly, when writing about politics one should also throw a few weasel words like "probably" and "likely" to cover one's butt. In my defense, I did back away from my previous ironclad rejection of McCain a little over a year later on August 21st, 2006:

In the past, I've expressed my misgivings about Senator John McCain, especially on the issues of campaign finance reform, judicial nominees, and federal funding of embryonic stem cell research. But when you listen to McCain discuss the war in Iraq and the broader struggle against the radical Islamists (as he did on Meet the Press yesterday), it's easy to find yourself drawn toward him. His opinions on these matters are clear-headed, straight-forward, and resolute. He displays the conviction, resolve, and commitment that we desperately need and usually find lacking in our leaders at this critical juncture.

By no means am I yet ready to support McCain for President in 2008. But I am willing (more than before) to at least entertain the notion.

And tonight when he takes the stage, John McCain as GOP presidential nominee will become the reality. One that I'm more than ready to support.

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