Wednesday, April 02, 2008

They're Mad As Hell....

...and they're not going to take it anymore. Mark e-mails to hep us to a story on a place where angry journalists vent their frustrations to the world:

They're angry at their demanding editors. They're angry about the mushrooming workload in shrinking newsrooms. They're even angry about other angry journalists.

But these angry journalists are happy they can now vent their frustrations to the rest of the world, courtesy of, a sort of online complaint board allowing ink-stained wretches to gripe anonymously.

It's difficult to tell how many of the entries are the complaints of real angry journalists and how many are pranksters mocking their angst (sometimes to very humorous effect).

Some of the ones cited in the story include:

Angry Journalist #2559 seems to think that his or her newspaper serves for other purposes than informing readers: "Whatever I write ulimately (sic) either ends up as cage lining or as blankets for bums."

At least he's got a realistic perspective on the importance of his work.


"I'm angry because my company, just like the rest of the industry, wants me to do more with less. They've said, 'To hell with quality. Let's just fill the website with as much (expletive) as possible,'" gripes Angry Journalist #241.

A Minnesota Monitor staffer perhaps?

This my personal favorite:

Angry Journalist #2927:

I'm angry I got plagiarized by a blogger, and that other bloggers picked up "his" story. I've posted comments on the original and related blogs, linking to my story. But, what else can I do?

F***ing bloggers. And I don't mean sites that have a staff or some kind of level of accountability, or are done by reporters working for news organizations, or are just purely entertainment/gossip news. But for God's sake: Why do readers think that some guy in his boxers sitting on his mom's couch can give them better news?

At least we've moved up from the basement.

It must come back to the fact that news organizations have done such a poor job, due to layoffs, mismanagement, and outsourcing customer service, that the average reader really cant tell the difference anymore.


Sound like any angry journalists you know?

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