Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Blood In The Water

We had a really big radio show planned last Saturday. First, we were going to be joined by noted French intellectual Guy Sorman to discuss his book Empire of Lies: The Truth About China in the Twenty-First Century. I know what you're thinking, "A French intellectual? Quell' horreur!" but fear not good friends for Mr. Sorman is definitely not a man of the gauche. President Ronald Reagan once noted:

"In political philosophy, a whole generation of French thinkers like Revel, Jean-Marie Benoit, and Guy Sorman are rejecting the old clich├ęs about state power and rediscovering the danger such power poses to personal freedom."

Mr. Sorman has traveled to China many times over the years and recently spent a good part of a year there. His personal observations and discussions with a variety of Chinese dissidents provide an insightful look behind the go-go capitalist facade that the Communist Party presents to the West. He also lays out a number of possible future scenarios for China and advises the West on how to realistically approach the challenge that China presents.

And we were also going to be joined by the producer of Shark Swarm. Yes, that Shark Swarm. If you're not already breathlessly anticipating Sunday's premier, you really need to watch the trailer clips here, especially the interview with John Schneider where he explains why heroism underwater is so much more...heroic.

Anyway, you know the saying about best laid plans. Unforeseen events interceded and forced us to both reschedule the interview with Guy Sorman and broadcast a "best of" show last Saturday (believe it or not we get paid the same for best ofs as for live shows).

We are still trying to set up a new date with Mr. Sorman, but we have been able to confirm that we will have the "Shark Swarm" producer on this Saturday at noon. If you have any questions about the making of the soon-to-be epic, give us a call at 651-289-4488. It should be an entertaining show.

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