Friday, May 16, 2008

Chicken Fried Chicken

Let me begin by saying that it's been years since I went to McDonald's for lunch. Ronald's menu doesn't have much appeal for me and when you combine my disinterest in Super Sizing it with the fact that the "store" nearest my workplace is typically an absolute madhouse over the lunch hour, it means that I can always find a much better alternative.

But yesterday I did hit the drive through under the Golden Arches. The reason? A coupon for a free Southern Style Chicken Sandwich that I received in the box with a recent Amazon shipment. My general distaste for McDonald's was overcome by my deeply ingrained inability to refuse anything offered for free.

You can only imagine my delight when I pulled up to the order board and saw a sign advertising Free Southern Style Chicken Sandwiches with the purchase of a medium or large beverage. Free sandwiches for one day only. May 15th. Which meant that my coupon could live to save another day and I could still score a free chicken sandwich. Does it get any better I ask?

The verdict on the sandwich itself? Meh. The chicken piece was small and for the most part tasteless. I have no idea what part of its "style" could in any way be billed as "Southern." Overall it paled in comparison with similar chicken offerings at other fast food venues such as Wendy's.

But I will definitely be going back one day soon for another. Why? Still got that coupon burnin' a hole in my pocket. It's free ya know.

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