Monday, May 19, 2008

The State Fair That Never Ends

A few observations from a weekend spent in Wisconsin (funeral in Green Bay and visit to relatives in Eau Claire):

- The I-29 bypass around Chippewa Falls definitely helps, but anyway you slice it the drive from the Twin Cities to Green Bay is a long one. Especially with a couple of youngins in the back.

- My wife claims that people from Wisconsin look different. Not everyone mind you, but she thinks that a majority of the state residents have a definite look that distinguishes them.

- She was also shocked by the fact that fried cheese curds are pretty much available anywhere and everywhere you go in Wisconsin. From family restaurants, supper clubs, sports bars, hole in the wall sandwich shops, to the church festival that we attended on Sunday, cheese curds were always on the menu. She's presently working on her unified cheese head theory to tie this in with her thesis on the Wisconsin look.

- There's nothing like a funeral in the Midwest to bring out the desserts. After the service on Saturday, everyone gathered for the traditional sandwiches, coffee, and cake. There were no fewer than seventeen cakes baked for this funeral and probably twenty other dessert items laid out. Bars, brownies, cookies, etc., there were enough desserts on hand to feed half the town of Green Bay. My only disappointment was that there was no tomato/hamburger hot dish and no fruit/vegetable jellos on had. It's just wasn't the same Lutheran funeral experience without them.

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