Friday, June 06, 2008

Bubble Boy

Adam Platt is the Senior Editor of the local lifestyle publication Minneapolis/St. Paul Magazine. No less an authority than Lileks calls him:

an eminently smart and reasonable fellow with whom I enjoy vivacious conversations over steaks at Mortons once a year


In his most recent column, Platt mans the battlements in defense of Al Franken from those who would question the propriety of sending a comedian who moonlights as pornographer to the US Senate. For, if we Minnesotans don't elect him ....

It will be because we can't discern that cravenly rubber stamping the agenda of a President who has gone a long way to destroying our country's security and economic vitality is actually more offensive than a joke about sex with robots.

Bush has destroyed our security and economic vitality? And I'm supposed to trust this man in the future for his eminently smart and reasonable insights on the lifestyle magazine issues of the day?

We haven't seen this type of seething rage leading to silly hyperbole in print since they broke up the gang at the Star Tribune editorial board. Given that business model's recent success, you have to admire MSP Mag for staying true to the cause, the readership numbers be damned!

Actually, Platt is able to go where no Star Tribune editorialist had gone before. He gets to slime the lone voice of dissent at the Star Tribune:

Now, Katherine Kersten, in her bubble, is predictably bothered (What do we say to the children, Ward?).

Noted: People who are bothered by their potential Senator creating pornography are living in a bubble; people who believe Bush has "destroyed" our country's security and economic vitality, on the other had, are living in the real world.

Maybe I need to have a regular appointment for steaks with him at Morton's in order to understand this. I've never been there. Are the booths actually surrounded by a thin plastic membrane?

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