Sunday, June 01, 2008

Hail Yeah

After running into a bit of hail on Friday afternoon down in Rochester, I returned home on Saturday to go through another, more intense bout yesterday evening. Fortunately, my car sustained no damage in either incident and our house was likewise spared last night.

The hail in our area was described as "golf ball sized." I would say what we had in our yard was more "ping-pong ball sized." Judge for yourself:

We were out for a walk with the kids when the storm rolled in and made it home about ten minutes before the hail began its beat down. We had a nice view of the proceedings from the safety of our basement and it was fun to watch the hail bounce around the backyard as if God was popping up some corn. What won't be nearly as fun is cleaning up the leaves and sticks that now litter our property and the shredded leaves that are plastered on the side of the house.


We got hit with the hail in the east metro too. Here's a shot of my backyard:

Looks like I'll be cleaning up leaves and twigs myself for the next few days!