Tuesday, June 10, 2008

I Want My PPT

It's become common practice to deride the use (and overuse)of PowerPoint slides as a presentation tool. "Death by PowerPoint" has become a well-recognized phrase in the office place. Everyone can agree that PowerPoint is the root of all evil, right?

Well, you can until you sit through a PowerPoint-free presentation as I did yesterday. When the gentleman came up to the front of the room and announced that he didn't have any slides for his section because he was committed to sticking to the ten-minute time limit, he was met with smiles and vigorous nodding of heads.

But after only a few minutes of his verbal only delivery, you could sense that the audience was getting anxious and a bit agitated. Sure, what he was saying was important, but without our visual cues we were struggling to stay focussed on his message.

It's a sad but important truth: we may not like to admit it, but after years of being conditioned to it the reality is that we need our PowerPoint to get by. Just a couple of slides man and then I'm off the stuff for good.


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