Saturday, June 28, 2008

It's Alive!

The problem with local school board referendums is that while you can occasionally band together with your fellow peasants to beat the beast back to its lair, you know that it's only a matter of time before it returns to terrorize your pocketbook. This is exactly what's now unfolding in
Robbinsdale District 281:

Voters defeated a $9.7 million District 281 referendum in November 2007. Since then, the district has cut its 2008-09 budget by $5.4 million and is looking at another $6 million in cuts for 2009-10.

The board made a preliminary decision to seek voter approval this fall at a work session June 9, following a presentation by Unite 281, a committee of parents who have collected 1,000 signatures from people supporting another chance to vote on a school referendum.

This is a particularly revolting development (especially since I now live in District 281). The voters in the district rejected the referendum less than a year ago and now it's going to be back on the ballot again.

One of the few good ideas that Jesse Ventura proposed was to not allow such referendums in "off" election years. This would have resulted in a better turnout from the citizens impacted by the referendum and also ensured that at least two years would pass between attempts.

Meanwhile, residents of District 281 should get their pitchforks and torches ready. The beast is back.

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