Friday, June 27, 2008

Once in a Lifetime

The disturbing news is just trickling in that the Minnesota Timberwolves have traded their much heralded first round pick OJ Mayo for someone named Kevin Love .

Headlines from the Pioneer Press:

Wolves draft Mayo, deal him

Headlines from the Star Tribune:

Wolves pick Mayo, swap him for Love in 8-player deal

I'm stunned, saddened, and sickened.

Not because I think it was a bad trade. I don't know enough about either player to judge this transaction properly. Rather, I'm aghast that newspaper headline writers in this town are given this opportunity and neither went with what needed to be cried out from the rooftops:

Wolves: Hold the Mayo

This is how you don't win a Pulitzer people.

The Elder Adds: Or they could have gone with:

Wolves Cherish Love

Wolves Have Love For Mayo

Wolves Give Up Mayo For Love (something I believe that JB recently did when his wife asked him to drop a few pounds)

SP UPDATE:: It looks like some real journalism is actually being practiced elsewhere in the country.

Headlines, The Associated Press:

Hold the Mayo! Timberwolves send O.J. Mayo to Memphis for Love in 8-player deal

Headlines, AOL Fanhouse:

Hold the Mayo -- Kevin Love and OJ Are on the Move as Griz and TWolves Go Blockbuster

Headlines, Milwaukee Sentinel-Journal:

Hold the Mayo: Grizzlies get O.J. in deal with Wolves

Headlines, The Sporting News:

Hold the Mayo, and give me some Love

Headlines, City Pages classifieds:

Desperate for Love, Mayo Added to 8 Player Action

SP UPDATE:: Correction, turns out that last one has nothing to do with basketball. Fraters Libertas regrets the error.