Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Punching His Big Ticket

It's a complete cliche to say that no one deserved to win an NBA championship more than Kevin Garnett, but that's exactly what I felt as I watched last night's game in a restaurant with a couple of Mexican friends and their families and a work colleague from China (all NBA fans). I can't recall ever wishing for a ex-Minnesota sports star to succeed elsewhere or feeling as good about it as with KG. For all his years of hard work and frustration with the Wolves, it was gratifying to see him finally achieve the ultimate goal. It was also a bit dismaying to think about what might have been had the Wolves given Garnett the right compliment of players during his stint here. Sigh.

SP NOTES: For those who haven't seen it, KG's post-game interview was very emotional, especially his tribute to his mother.

And then he got completely out of hand.