Thursday, June 19, 2008

Some Like It Caliente

Here's a depressing observation to start your day. While there are signs here in the United States that those of us who remain skeptical of the anthropogenic global warming religion appear to have made some progress in slowing the runaway train toward panicked action, whenever I travel to other parts of the world or speak to people from other countries on the topic, I find that they have bought in to Al Gore's "consensus" hook line and sinker. Whether it's in Russia, the Philippines, China, the Netherlands, or Mexico, as far as global warming is concerned the debate is over (if it had ever even begun). Any change in or unusual occurrence of weather is instantly and unquestionably attributed to man-made climate change.

The latest such incident occurred yesterday when one of my Mexican coworkers informed us that he had recently watched "An Inconvenient Truth" with his family and was now trying to figure out ways to conserve energy to prevent global warming. He was so earnest and serious that I just didn't have the heart to raise any objection or perhaps point out that his middle-class Mexican family was probably responsible for as much CO2 emissions in a year as Al Gore was in a day jet-setting around the globe. It's going to take a lot of work and many a year to turn back this global tide.

UPDATE-- Nathan e-mails to add:

A century ago, any weather event would have been a sign from Jesus, the One True God.

A few centuries ago, any weather event would have been a sign from The Gods.

In this century, any weather event is a sign of Global Warming.

So...Global Warming is the new name for God? No wonder unbelievers are treated like heretics.

When people lose their faith, they don't believe in nothing, they believe in anything.

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