Monday, June 02, 2008

We Regret Their Error

The City Pages published an article on the 10 Most Powerful Minnesota Republicans. I've only even heard of five of them and am well informed on none of them. Perhaps not surprising, as I am one of the 10 Least Powerful Minnesota Republicans.

I do have fleeting familiarity with one name on the list, one Mr. Robert Cummins. Just enough familiarity to notice one glaring error in his City Pages provided bio:

He is a strict conservative, an evangelical Christian, and as CEO of Primera Technology, a very wealthy man.

Umm, no. As someone who used to sit a few rows behind Mr Cummins at a local church for several years, I think I can safely say he is not considered an evangelical Christian.

Unless of course I was actually a member of an evangelical Christian church all of those years and was not aware of it. Which would be embarrassing. But it might qualify me to be added the upcoming City Pages article on the Ten Most Clueless Minnesota Evangelicals.

More likely, the City Pages reporting and fact checking is in error. In addition, that grotesque caricature they use as an illustration looks nothing like him. As these are the only facts I am in a position to independently corroborate, their total success ratio calculates to a perfect .000. I will apply this ratio in analyzing the rest of the facts in this article.

Instead of Republicans, maybe the City Pages should stick with subjects it knows more about.

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