Friday, June 13, 2008


Although I've never been a fan of Budweiser or the Anheuser Busch family of beers (I did enjoy a Michelob or two back in high school and a couple of kegs of Busch in college--from the next day's hangover you always knew [from head to toe] that you'd been drinking Busch the previous evening) and in general I'm a big proponent of international trade, the news that InBev Wants To Make Bud a Global Brand doesn't sit well with me. The notion that the rich traditions of the company that Adolphus Busch founded--the Clydesdales, the connection with the Cardinals, and yes even the commercials that have become part of American cultural lore--would fall into the hands of a group of cost-cutting Brazilians and Belgiums just doesn't seem right.

Yes, their beer tastes like swill. But damnit, it's our swill and I hope to see control of the company stay in American hands.

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