Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Hey, We Got Beer Too

Bob takes a pause from gloating about the Red Wings to e-mail to hep us to map showing How West Virginians See America. Kinda makes you glad you're not from Ohio, doesn't it?

This assumes of course that West Virginians know how to read a map. Or read at all for that matter.

UPDATE-- Chris from A Sour Apple Tree drops an e-mail:

Thanks for the link to my map on how West Virginians see America.

I'll grant you the part about readin' "words," but I can assure you that WVians, by and large, are quite skilled at cartography. There is all sorts of stuff up in them hills that we could draw a map to if we wanted.

Better to keep your still sites in your head lest one o' them dam-blasted revenuers get a hold o' it.

1 comment:

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