Saturday, July 19, 2008

Indoctrinate Your Children Well

Matt e-mails to pass on a tempting invite:

The Will Steger Foundation is hosting its third annual Summer Institute for Climate Change Education!

The Institute will take place August 11-13 at the Science Museum of Minnesota and is a great opportunity to enhance your own understanding of climate change. Dr. James Hansen, renowned NASA climate scientist, will be the keynote speaker to discuss the latest on climate science in addition to Andrew Revkin (NY Times Science Reporter) and WCCO-TV anchor Don Shelby.

Institute participants will receive a resource binder with new climate change curricula, expedition supplements and action resources. The theme of the Institute is "Changing School Culture" with a focus on reducing a school's carbon footprint, from classroom to community. Learn more and download the application at

Hansen, Shelby, AND resource binders? Right here in our back yard? This is too good to be true. Get your application in today!!!

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