Sunday, July 27, 2008

Just A Kiss Of The Hops

We had a small social gathering at the abode last night. Muddled up a batch of Ten Thyme Smash and the reviews were quite good. I know I enjoyed the two glasses I had.

As is the custom on such occasions, we also offered up a wide variety of beer for our guest's consumption: Labatt Blue, Amstel Light, Surly (Furious & Cynic), Summit (Pale Ale, Pilsner, & Hefeweizen), and a number of other summer offerings from such brewers as Boulevard, Big Sky, and Paulaner. So with all of this proliferation of fine brews on hand which was the most popular, at least based on what we ran out of first and what people kept asking if we had more of? Schlitz.

That's right baby, the beer that made Milwaukee famous is back with a classic bottle and taste to match. A taste that apparently is quite pleasing to the beer drinking palate. That's gusto worth going for.

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