Thursday, July 24, 2008

You've Come A Long Way Baby?

In the entire history of the WNBA, I've probably not watched more than a combined total of forty seconds of its teams in "action." And that was solely because I couldn't find the remote and change the channel fast enough.

So it was a highly serendipitous occurrence on Tuesday night when I happened to catch the most exciting event in league history; the badly misnamed "brawl" between the LA Sparks and Detroit Shock. First off, it wasn't a "brawl" in any meaningful way. It was some pushing and shoving between a few players and coaches. It didn't enough qualify for "catfight" status. 'Reer.

Secondly, I have to wonder if this is the sort of thing women really had in mind when they began pushing for "equality" with men. What was so shocking about Tuesday's night's spectacle wasn't seeing women fighting. After all, history has been full of hair pulling, scratching women grabbing and clawing at each other (and men watching in case they might somehow kiss). What was sad to see was how much their actions resembled the testosterone-driven, territory-protecting conflict behavior which men have engaged in since time immemorial.

Yes, some day your daughter can grow up and be a trash talkin', struttin', no disrepect takin', gittin' up in your grill thug just like a man. Dream the dream baby.