Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Call of the Loon

Traditionally, the media doesn't do political endorsements until late in the election cycle. However, since there is very little about us that says "traditional media," we're going to break with convention and announce an endorsement for political office at this early date.

In the race for Seat 42B in the Minnesota House of Representatives the official (and very lucrative) Fraters Libertas endorsement goes to Jenifer Loon. With a name like that and campaign signs like this...

...we believe that Jenifer is the candidate most able to represent the people of her district. The time has come to put a real Loon (by name) in the state legislature. Lord knows, we've got enough who carry it as a descriptor already.

UPDATE-- Bob from Inver Grove Heights e-mails with a suggestion:

Pretty cool political strategy--have the same name as the official Minnesota state bird. I strongly urge you to run in your district, after changing your name to Chad Pink Showy Lady's Slipper.

Not a bad idea. Other good possibilities:

Chad Walleye

Chad Danaus Plexippus (sounds more regal than "Monarch")

Chad Norway Pine

Some monikers that probably wouldn't fly with the voters:

Chad Wild Rice

Chad Blueberry Muffin

Chad Honeycrisp

1 comment:

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