Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Grin And Beer It

On Thursday night, seventy-five thousand people will listen to Barack Obama deliver his acceptance speech in Denver. Here in the Twin Cities, thousands hundreds at least a couple of dozen frenzied MoveOn.orgers will get together to listen to the speech and "share" ice cream (yes, really).

Instead of sitting at home alone in your underwear watching the speech while eating a block of cheese, why not get out and make the most of it by downing a couple of pints while you take it in at Keegan's Irish Pub & Restaurant in Minneapolis? I don't know what the makeup of the crowd will be at Keegan's on Thursday, but the speech will be televised and the reaction in the pub should be interesting.

Keegan's is also your official blogger oasis outside the zone of frenzy during the RNC. Downtown St. Paul? Don't even think about it. Downtown Minneapolis? It'll be a zoo. But over nordeast Keegan's will be close enough to get to, but far enough away to not be a total traffic nightmare.

They always offer free WiFi and for the RNC they'll have traditional Irish music everyday at 4:30pm starting this Thursday and running through Thursday, September 4th.