Tuesday, August 26, 2008

A Horrible Seed

One of the highlights of every Minnesota State Fair is a walk through the crop art gallery. Every year there's at least one piece of "tribute" crop art to those who have passed in the last year.

This must have been a last minute entry:

The artist nailed the eyes and smile, but at first glance there's a lot of similarity to Shirley from "What's Happening!!".

This is a work of higher quality.

And was honored thusly as among the best in class.

Every year there are always at least a few political entries. Always very liberal and always rather unoriginal. However, this year took the cake for complete lack of creativity among the crop "artists."

That's right. Three separate crop art pieces all essentially following the exact same theme, one quite explicitly. "See, the Republican elephants are crapping and we have to clean it up? Get it? Har, har." My you're a clever little artist, aren't you?

Another piece that I assume is RNC related:

Don't kill me bro!

Finally, a rare voice of sanity among the crop art crowd produced my favorite work:

Faith always sees you through in the end.

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