Thursday, August 28, 2008

Don't Tell Him

Advance excerpts of tonight's Barack O'bama speech have been released to the press.

I hate to say it, but on the whole, it's a real snoozer. Some doom and gloom about what a lousy country this is right now. All blame to George Bush (may he be condemned). Warning that John McCain is George Bush and Barack O'bama is not. Reminder that if you want change, don't vote for the guy who is George Bush.

Substance-wise, pretty light, full of BS, and typical of what we've come to expect of the junior Senator from Illinois.

Of course, the reception of this speech by the crowd in the football stadium in Denver will depend on the substance as much as the reception of the crowd at a 1965 Beatles concert depended on the substance of the lyrics to I Want to Hold Your Hand. That is, it will look something like this.

The excerpts released did not include any references to the various suffering victims of America visited by Barack on the campaign trail. I fear that all the good victims have already been used up by previous speakers at the DNC. But this rhetoric is Democrat party template. So I'm keeping hope alive they dug up a few more and are just saving the good stuff for a live unveiling by the man himself tonight. This Nihilist post may yet prove prescient.

The rhetoric standing out most was this segment:

We are the party of Roosevelt. We are the party of Kennedy. So don't tell me that Democrats won't defend this country. Don't tell me that Democrats won't keep us safe.

What the support of Rosie Grier and Ted Kennedy has to do with national defense is beyond me. But the most fascinating part will be his delivery of that whole tough guy "don't tell me" section. What word does he emphasize? What emotion does he evoke?

DON'T tell me ..... (pure, visceral rage)

don't TELL me ..... (withering sarcasm)

don't tell ME .... (defensive arrogance)

His prior use of this phrase indicates he may emphasize them all.


Then again, odds are every word of the speech will be equally and forcefully emphasized. That's what soaring rhetoric is made of.

Standing by, T minus one hour. Unless I forget it's on while watching Twins-A's. Odds are 50-50.

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