Friday, August 01, 2008

Land, Air, & Water

Last week, while discussing a bad commercial flight experience he recently had experienced Dennis Prager mentioned that the only time he really envied the truly wealthy was when he had to travel by air. Being able to fly in a private jet and avoid the hassles of the modern airline experience are a definite luxury that makes life better. (Usually.)

I'm a simple man when it comes to most things, but I too can appreciate the benefits that wealth brings when it comes to flying. There are two other such areas that come to mind for me where I can see where having a large stash of filthy lucre would be most handy.

We live very close to a private country club. I don't golf much these days, but when I walk by the pristine grounds sparsely populated by happy golfers enjoying a leisurely round I understand why people shell out the big ching for a membership. Golfing at public courses usually involves scheduling, waiting, crowds and other hassles that have diminished my enjoyment of the game over the years.

Earlier in the week, we attended a family reunion in Wisconsin. One night, we were guests at a lake-side home. We enjoyed a barbecue, a few drinks, and a boat ride. Its been a while since I've been out on a lake and I forgot how pleasant and relaxing it can be. Living on the water is definitely a quality of life privilege that comes with big money.

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