Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Lee Harvey, You Are a Mad Man

I see Mitchell Berg calling out the "Minnesota Independent" (Orwellian rim shot) for giggling at vandalism directed at Republicans. Another example of this phenomenon exists at that Democrat activist funded propaganda mill's brother-in-arms, MinnPost. Check out this post promoting the concerts taking place in town during the Republican National Convention, by their music critic Jim Walsh:

Making plans for the first week in September. Let's check the gig docket and see what's going on. Why, over at O'Gara's on Aug. 31, it's an all-day and -night peace concert ("Provention") with the New Standards, the Honeydogs, Martin Devaney, the Wilson brothers, and more; on Labor Day on the Capitol steps it's Spearhead (of "Yell Fire!" fame); at the Target Center on Sept. 2 it's Rage Against the Machine ("F*** you, I won't do what you tell me" ); Sept. 2 it's Ike Reilly ("who says you can't take a shot at a president?") and Billy Bragg ("Help Save The Youth Of America," "The Price Of Oil" ) at the Parkway Theater; and — what's this? — Earle, Bragg, Mos Def, Atmosphere and more at Harriet Island on Labor Day. Huh. Must be some sort of music festival or convention or something coming to town.

Nothing really interesting there, for those not lingering in the adolescent angst demographic. Except perhaps for that one casual reference to ….. assassination:

For those that missed it, let's go to the replay:

it's Ike Reilly ("who says you can't take a shot at a president?")

This isn't the first time Walsh has given an affectionate shout out to Ike Reilly's shooting presidents/assassination anthems (yes, there are two of them). Right before the election in 2006 we got this from his work at City Pages:

I'm here to say that Ike Reilly stood on a stage at an amusement park in Shakopee, Minnesota last night, in front of 200 or so hardy souls in f*cking hats and gloves and down coats, fending off winter and celebrating Halloween and Friday the 13th, and sang "Who says you can't take a shot at a president?" and "We're drinking to your assassination" three weeks before Election Day. And those might not have even been the best moments

I know, I know, officially these songs aren't about any president or politician in particular. They're only the wistful, abstract, First Amendment-protected musings of a tortured artist. Certainly, he'd be as likely to write these during a Carter or Obama administration. Pure coincidence that, at the present moment, a man the liberals despise happens to be occupying the Oval Office.

But I find it noteworthy that a supposedly respected publication in town would print smirking references to taking a shot at the president (theoretically, of course), in conjunction with an event in town to be attended by the current, and perhaps future, President of the United States. Now that's a rule set change! Welcome to the future of media.

We at this Web site, of course, would never write/publish such a despicable thing about any President, ever . Our ethical and editorial standards just happen to be higher. And we didn't even go to journalism school!

BUT, according to MinnPost, it's now A-OK, if you want to. All irresponsible, childish, vicious, practitioners of the journalistic arts take note, if you're dumb enough to do so yourself, MinnPost will have your back. Heck, they may even have a job for you.

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