Friday, August 22, 2008

Newton, Einstein, Hawking . . . . . Morons

I see my good friend and valued colleague John Hinderaker was profiled at the prestigious Norm Blog.

The Q & A provides some fascinating insights into the mind of the man, the legend, behind Power Line. In particular, I thought this was an insightful observation:

Who are your intellectual heroes?

Aristotle, St. Paul, Hume, Locke, Washington, Madison, Lincoln, Coolidge, Chambers, Reagan, Sowell, and my partners Scott and Paul.

Wow, that's some heady company there. Me, alongside the likes of Brit Hume, Rita Coolidge, and Scott and Paul of Power Line (and some others I'm not familiar with). I am honored beyond the ability to express myself.

I think it was this post that finally established my intellectual qualifications for John. I'll continue to do my best to live up to this standard.

The Elder Casts A White Shadow: I'm a bit surprised that John mentions Coolidge as one of his intellectual heroes. I would have pegged him more as being a follower of the Salami school.

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