Thursday, August 28, 2008

Talk About The Passion

A few quick thoughts on Obama's oratory tonight:

- He started slow and seemed a bit flat (for him) in the first half. His list of domestic policy prescriptions were long on the what but short on the how.

- His attacks on McCain were effective, but went on a bit too long. Not really a good example of the "new politics."

- Interestingly enough, the best parts of the speech and the areas where he showed the most passion were in foreign policy, hardly considered Obama's strength. He was forceful and clear about what he would do and how it would be different from the Republicans. It was a little odd to see the crowd lapping up his promise to unilaterally go after Bin Laden in Pakistan (at least that's the way I read it).

- I would love for someone to go through the entire speech and fact check the claims he made (especially on the economy). There were more than a few that were recitations of tired liberal tropes that have long been disproved.

- You gotta love listening to Brit Hume describe the action. Great quote from tonight, "The stage is now clear of politicians and their attractive families."

1 comment:

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