Friday, August 15, 2008

A Tough Audience

Kathy Shaidle joins the growing list of national pundits who are now taking an interest in Minnesota's Senate race. Her piece at FrontPage Magazine is called Al Franken: Party of One:

What if a politician held a campaign event and nobody came?

That's what almost happened to comedian-turned-Democratic Senate candidate Al Franken last week. In what sounds like a sketch he might have written for Saturday Night Live, only one voter showed up for Franken's roundtable on veterans issues in St. Cloud, Minnesota.

It marked a particular low point in Franken's quixotic, controversial 18-month campaign to unseat unpopular Republican Senator Norm Coleman. The race should have been the Democrats' to lose, but a recent poll gives Colman a 15-point lead. Some party members are now questioning the wisdom of choosing Al Franken as their candidate.

She also includes comments from a couple of local yokels who weigh in on Franken's chances.

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