Friday, August 01, 2008

Whisky, Democracy...Bureaucracy?

Joe from Como Park e-mails on my post on the return of public drinking in Baghdad:

Unbelievable. People standing outdoors, enjoying the river, snacking and drinking to music? After all we've done for them? How long before the puking in the flowerbeds starts?

We should immediately dispatch the St. Paul City Council to straighten things out, to bring order and civilization to those heathens:

No serving liquor without a liquor license
No liquor license without a background check
No passing a background check with any questionable associations on your record
No liquor outside the approved building
No liquor on a public bridge
No liquor by the river
No chick peas without a food vendor's license (return to Item 1 and repeat)

and most importantly of all . . .

N O S M O K I N G !!!

The Left is correct--the war is lost. Abandon Baghdad today.

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