Monday, August 04, 2008

You look sharp today, sir

So I'm reading the latest edition of National Review and I come across this quote in an article by John Miller on the possibility of Pawlenty as Vice President:

One of the governor's most outspoken critics at the time was David Strom, now with the Minnesota Free Market Institute, a think tank. "The cigarette tax was a mistake, but Pawlenty's overall record on taxes is quite good," he says. "If I were grading him on fiscal policy, I'd give him a B-plus or an A-minus."

Wow I thought, the taxpayers' watchdog has lost a bit of his bite now, hasn't he? Not the kind of obvious obsequiousness that you run into every day.

Then, I read John Hinderaker's review of a movie whose very premise makes "Gigl" look Oscar worthy. Remind me to never ask John if he's watched any good movies lately.

Obviously Strom's lick-spittleness was motivated by the fact that T-Paw could be the next Vice President of these United States. The root cause of Hinderaker's (as Saint Paul pointed out to me) appears to be his desire to continue to receive free movies tickets and save eight dollars a pop.

Now, we'll let you decide which was the most egregious act of sycophantic smooching.

Who kissed more butt?
David Strom when he gave Governor Pawlenty a grade of A- for his fiscal policy.
John Hinderaker for his glowing review of "Swing Vote."
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