Monday, September 01, 2008

All Dressed Up

Quick observations from the RNC:

- Traffic was amazingly light and we were able to park within five blocks of the Xcel Energy Center (and for free which was Saint Paul's prime consideration).

- We didn't encounter any protesters walking up West 7th, although there were a few shady characters lurking about. The police presence was pretty light too, until we got to the perimeter. The cops there were in riot gear and looking like they meant business. Once inside the perimeter, we saw a column of National Guardsman tromp by. Word from a inside source says that the anarchists have been staging hit and run attacks since the initial outburst of violence.

- The floor and stage of the X are beautifully decked out in an elegant and plush fashion. When you stand on the floor, it feels stately and yet intimate. They've done a great job setting this up from a visual and acoustical perspective. Now, if only they'd actually have someone speak...

- Just as we were walking in, most of the delegates were walking out. We did get to see a lot of our fellow media members from around the world, all about as as desperate as us for something and someone to talk about. Competition for the few viable guests was heated and you saw a lot of media interviewing media.

More later as time allows...

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