Thursday, September 11, 2008

Beginning To See The Light?

Brad at the Think Progress Wonk Room (a favorite hangout for Atomizer) is disturbed to report that Tim Pawlenty is chilling on the impact of man-made global warming:

Appearing on the Glenn Beck radio show yesterday, Gov. Tim Pawlenty (R-MN) denigrated the science of climate change, saying the human impact on global warming was only "half a percent." He implied mandatory programs to reduce global warming emissions--like the cap-and-trade programs he has previously called for--would "wreck the economy." And he said that it's "understandable" that plans to fix global warming have "faded into the background" because of the "energy crisis":

But, you know, in my view is this: you can argue that the world, the globe is warming as it always has for natural reasons. But I think the weight of the science indicates that at least some of it--you could argue it's half a percent or something more substantial--is caused by human behavior... But, in the wake of this energy crisis, where people are struggling to pay the bills, that debate on cap and trade has fallen to the background for understandable reasons.

Last week, he was "lashing out" at RNC protesters. This week, he's "denigrating the science of climate change." Now this is the T-Paw that I could get used to having around. Welcome back.

You have to wonder if Pawlenty's evolving views on global warming are a sign that other prominent GOP backers of cap and trade may also be moving toward a more reasoned view on the matter. If T-Paw can turn toward the light, there's still hope for J-Mac.

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