Monday, September 08, 2008

Bizarre Food Criticism

Chef Andrew Zimmern, a guy famous for putting disgusting things in his mouth, reverses the flow with this comment in his restaurant column in MSP Magazine:

Did anyone see my fav political pundit dissect Michele Bachmann on Larry King the other evening? Having interviewed her in the past, I can tell you that James Carville understated the crazy factor.

Unfortunately, we have come to expect this petty character assassination about Michele Bachmann from her political enemies, in and outside the media. But now we have to put up with it in the restaurant reviews!? To quote Rodney Dangerfield, tell the chef this is low grade dog food.

I didn't see the CNN performance in question, but reading through the transcript, there's not a "crazy" statement made by Michele. She acquits herself just fine, especially when you consider she's simultaneously fending off the truly idiotic statements and charges of James Carville, Air America Radio host Stephanie Miller, and Larry King.

Here is a pu pu platter of Carville's comments alone:

CARVILLE: And we're going to have her be vice president of the United States based on a 15 minute conversation she had with Senator McCain? I mean I'm -- this is -- she was touted experience as mayor of this town in Alaska. This is a picture of the city hall. It looks like a bait shop in South Louisiana, all right?

CARVILLE: Look, there are a lot of people that have done something. I don't deny it. Here's a woman that -- a Pat Buchanan supporter for president, who wanted to teach creationism in the Alaska public schools, denies all of the science of global warming, has left the country once in her entire life, had one 15 minute conversation with Senator McCain. And then we're going to put her up in the entire Republican Party?

CARVILLE: And yet we are to be led to believe that in the entire Republican Party, we have someone who's not even served two terms -- two years as governor of Alaska -- which is a state, by the way, that's swimming in money -- and she's qualified to be president because she sold the state airplane. I mean this is a very, very complicated world that we're living in.

The level of disinformation, misdirection, noise, and that contrived folksy BS is what you expect from Carville. He provides no information or useful analysis to his "punditry." He's there as an attack dog for the Left. As a media personality, he provides entertainment for those who hate Republicans, that's all.

The fact that Zimmern cites Carville as his "fav political pundit" is a serious blow to his credibility. Can I trust his judgment any longer? At this point I'm questioning whether or not to go forward with preparing for dinner tonight that recipe for Black Chicken Testicle Soup he reviewed as "awesome."

Of course, what really drives the lefties "crazy" about Bachmann is the steadfastness of her conservative and religious beliefs, even in the face of their withering secular scorn. And the fact that she's an excellent spokesman for her side. From that CNN discussion, here is her response to the allegation that Sarah Palin is no Barack or Hillary Clinton in terms of qualifications:

BACHMAN: It's demeaning to women because Sarah Palin didn't climb to where she is on anyone else's coat tails. She put on her own coat. This woman has made her way and she knows how to be a smart executive who can get things done. She's done it as governor. She can do it as vice president. After all, let's not forget, the Democrat nominee was a United States senator for all of 143 days when he decided America couldn't live without him being president of the United States. She has more experience than Barack Obama. She's a heart beat away, but he is the heart beat. There's no comparison.
Bravo, my compliments to the chef on that one!

BTW, now that Andrew Zimmern is dropping political endorsements in his cooking commentary, isn't it time Michele Bachman got a cooking show on the Travel Channel or something? I'll start the write-in campaign, once that Fairness Doctrine kicks in.

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