Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Church On The Hill

One of the Twin Cities real gems is the Cathedral of Saint Paul. It's a place that locals often take for granted (I know I did for years), but never fails to awe and impress out of town visitors (at least it hasn't in my experiences).

Maintaining such a wonder doesn't come cheap which is why the Cathedral Heritage Foundation was established and why special collections will be held this coming weekend to help raise money to retire the remaining debt:

Our beautiful Cathedral of Saint Paul requires everyone's help! We urgently need to finish paying for the $30 million replacement of the copper dome and roof. Please consider a sacrificial gift for this collection to assist with the remaining $13 million debt. The Cathedral Heritage Foundation has been established to address our Cathedral's pressing restoration needs--none of the funds from this collection will go to the Cathedral parish nor Archdiocese. Checks should be made out to the Cathedral Heritage Foundation. Archbishop John Ireland relied on every Catholic's support to build this great monument of faith and so we need everyone's support now to preserve it for future generations.

If you get a chance, drop a couple of bucks into the basket this weekend or find out how else you can contribute here. The Cathedral is a special place in the Twin Cities well-worth preserving.

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