Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Equal Opportunity

A couple of things that both sides would do well to recall.

1. Just as it's not automatically racist to criticize Barack Obama, its not automatically sexist to criticize Sarah Palin. There has been way too much playing of the race and gender (first with Clinton and now with Palin) cards.

2. This is big time politics. Let's dispatch with the first name familiarity crap. You don't know these people and there are not your friends. It's Obama, not Barack. And it's Palin, not Sarah.

Finally, I like Sarah Palin (and am enjoying her speech right now) and her conservative viewpoints. But I have to admit to being a little uncomfortable with the emotional investment that so many conservatives (especially women) have so readily made in her.

One of our main criticisms of the Obama campaign (and an extremely valid one) is that it's almost entirely based on feelings. The outpouring of support and adoration of all things Palin risks putting Republicans in a similar position. It's great to have excitement back in the campaign, but a bit of perspective is also in order.

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