Monday, September 15, 2008

Good Things Come In Threes

Scoring for Clan Doughty at forty weeks and three days of the third trimester, my wife. With an assist (albeit a very small one) from me. With the birth of William we now have light the boy lamp three times, a natural hat trick if you will. Mom and baby are doing fine while dad is trying to decide if the new addition will fit in better on the left or right side of the line (the eldest is centering of course).

Those of you with a fondness for numbers might appreciate this. My lucky number is three (two is also fortunate). I was born on July 3rd. My oldest son was born on July 23rd. The next in line arrived on May 3rd. Now, we welcomed the newest addition yesterday, September 13th. All odd numbered months, all dates with a three in them.

The next challenge will be adapting to life with three lil' 'ens. We've been warned that instead of playing man to man, we'll have to go with a zone defense. Blogging may be light for the next eighteen years or so.

1 comment:

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