Friday, September 12, 2008

If At First You Don't Succeed .....

Steve Perry of the City Pages in 2004, on the perils of electing George Bush:

On November 2 we won't be voting for anything like the measure of change we deserve the chance to vote for. We will be casting our ballots in a referendum on whether we wish to pause and reconsider our march toward a homegrown American fascism.

Steve Perry of Minnesota Independent in 2008, on the perils of electing Sarah Palin:

Sarah Palin emerges from the most militaristic strand of contemporary evangelicalism; her brand of incipient theocracy excites the Christian base like nothing in living memory.

Fascism, theocracy. OK, he's soon to be 0-for-2. Laugh at Steve Perry if you like, but if he keeps up with these dire predictions every election cycle, one of these times he's bound to be right!

I predict it will be the year 2856. Steve Perry, whose body will have long perished, but his brain will be kept alive in a jar in George Soros's basement, will release a statement on the Minnesota Absolutely Positively Non Partisan and Objective Journal of Reason and Science, saying:

If the carbon based life forms of the Greater Western Galactic Control Perimeter insist on achieving psychic consensus on the leadership of the Zytop Belinksgardarnde Contiuum, mark my words, it will be the beginning of a millennia of Fungal-Based Corporatist Anarchy. Hear me now!

If the murmurs I'm already picking up on my tin foil hat about the Stalinesque streak of Zytop Belinksgardarnde are accurate, I would not bet against this one.

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