Monday, September 22, 2008

Mullets For McCain

Gopher Hockey Coach Endorses McCain At Rally:

On the ice, Don Lucia's hockey teams have won two national championships. He is known as a coach who can motivate his players.

On Friday, Lucia was motivating once again, but this time the speech wasn't for his players -- it was for politicians.

"I want to extend a warm state of hockey welcome to John McCain and Sarah Palin," said Lucia while speaking at a McCain/Palin rally in Blaine, Minn.

At the McCain/Palin rally, Lucia, a native of Grand Rapids, made it no secret who he's voting for.

"From what I'm hearing this year, it sounds like John McCain and Sarah Palin have a power play going on in northern Minnesota," said Lucia.

That has the all the zip and zing of one of Lucia's television commercials. Oh well, he's not paid for his words.

This part of the story cracked me up:

The speech may have been a hit at Friday's rally, but with some hockey fans at the U of M campus, it landed the coach time in their penalty box.

Gopher fan Chelsey Kueffer thinks a coach at a publicly funded University should keep the politics to himself.

Yes, because there's such a precedent for employees of a publicly funded University--say professors for instance--to keep their politics to themselves. Thanks for the larf Chelsey.