Thursday, September 11, 2008

Must See TV

As seen on Conan last night, Triumph the Insult Comic Dog mixing it up with the protestors and street characters in St. Paul during the RNC. Video here.

Highlight is the guy hawking a movie about Islamic extremism next to the F. Scott Fitzgerald statue in Rice Park. Quoting Triumph: "If you liked The Great Gatsby, you'll love Home Grown Jihaad!"

He also meets up with a hipster looking guy promoting the movie Obsession, another one about Islamic radicalism. (Triumph punch line: I didn't know a member of the Strokes was a Republican.) For some reason, I find myself getting emails from that guy, promoting a screening of the movie in Dearborn, Michigan this week. Turns out I've got to pumice my bunions that night, so I can't fly out. But if you all are available and interested in seeing a celebrity who appeared on the Conan O'Brien show, here is that web site.

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