Thursday, September 04, 2008

Revoke the Pulitzer

Award winning reporter John Camp, on the media:

Now, there are two medias -- the MSM, or the "Main Street Media," as they call it on the net, and the sort of Off-Broadway Media, and the Off-Off Broadway media, and the Far-Off Broadway media. These folks may be working for outlets as big as national news organizations, and as small as individual political blogs. But they all call themselves, "Media."


Nice try, Sinclair Lewis. But you have one striking error there. We all call ourselves Medea, after the Greek mythological figure known for her jealousy and petty revenge seeking.

Camp does nail the "Main Street Media" moniker. It's a little known subset of the "Main Stream Media," reserved for those more mature pundits not quite on top of the latest developments in the world, yet still drawing a by line. Other prominent examples of the Main Street Media include:

Lou Gelfand
Paul Harvey
Dana Carvey's Grumpy Old Man
CNN's Jack Cafferty

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