Monday, September 15, 2008

Still Stalin After All These Years

I'm proud to announce the debut of a new feature on Fraters Libertas: Last Week in Stalin Comparisons.

Yes, we have scoured the information superhighway to find instances of reporters, commentators, pundits, and George Soros employees comparing Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin to other people, living or dead. It is our hope that through this exercise, we can learn more about Joseph Stalin and his modern day heirs in order to, if at all possible, avoid a 31 year reign of misery and tyranny in this country.

Let's go to the big board for this week - who was Joseph Stalin ....

Russian Prime Minister Vladmir Putin:

Putin, like Stalin, sees his country's "sphere of influence" being violated, with Russia being ringed by potentially hostile enemies, effectively controlled by the U.S. and other Western powers.

Russian Poet Vladimir Mayakovsky:

After he moved to Moscow, Mayakovsky like Stalin was expelled from school because he was more interested in revolution than study.

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez:

Chavez is a dictator. As he just demonstrated, voting returns that he doesn't like are ignored. His party controls the legislature in Venezuela and they pretty much rubber stamp everything he wants much like Stalin, Hitler and Mussolini's legislatures gave them pretty much everything they wanted.

Italian First World War General Luigi Cadorna:

Cadorna's orders were meant to terrorise his troops into unflinching obedience - like Stalin, he further encouraged them to go over the top by mounting machine-guns behind his own lines to fire on stragglers.

Alaskan Governor Sarah Palin:

We saw that in the book [banning effort]. That's essentially an authoritarian thing, especially if you look at the books she wanted to ban, one of which was called Pastor, I Am Gay, which was written by a local Christian conservative pastor who took a gentler approach to this. So there's another level to this. It's one thing to censor a book; that's frightening enough. It's an even more frightening thing to try and censor your neighbor, to try to put tape over the mouth of someone who lives right next to you and is a conservative Christian himself. That shows a real attention to detail that one finds in figures such as Stalin. I think there is a Stalinesque streak to her personality.

What have we learned from this week's contestants? You resemble Soviet dictator Joseph Stalin if you:

1) attempt to assert control of the states of the Caucuses region

2) are devoted to the principles of socialist revolution above all else

3) structure your country's legislative body in a way to automatically approve whatever you dictate

4) machine gun your own troops if they are not progressing to your satisfaction

5) attempt to remove "Pastor I Am Gay" from a municipal library*

Please avoid any and all of these behaviors if you wish to avoid being like Stalin. Or at least being called Stalin by drama queeen propaganda mills.

*incidentally, this allegation is actually false. It's use against an innocent person like Sarah Palin strikes me as Stalinesque in nature.

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