Tuesday, September 23, 2008

These Are The Days

Over the last week and a half (almost), I've been hanging with the boys at home. During that time we've been fortunate to enjoy weather that has been truly magnificent. Sunny days with clear blue skies for the most part (until today really). Highs in the upper seventies to just over eighty. The air is crisp and clean with just a hint of the chill to come.

It reminds me again why September has become my favorite month of the year. It wasn't always. When you're a kid, September means the end of SUMMER, the start of school, and the inevitable agony of raking leaves (easily the most hated of my childhood chores).

Now, it means the most reliably enjoyable weather (at least in these parts) and the beginning of the transition from summer to fall. A transition that I look forward to and relish more with each passing year. Throw in that I was married and had a child born in September and the ninth month of the year is definitely a special one.

And yes, I will have to rake a rather substantial amount of leaves this year. But in a few years it won't be a task that I have to handle solo. The chores of the father will most assuredly be passed on to the sons.

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