Friday, October 03, 2008

A Bunch Of Chumps Named Steve

Paul heps us to a New Orleans blogger's take on the Vikings upcoming visit to the Big Easy:

What it comes down to is that the Vikings are Adrian Peterson and a bunch of chumps named Steve. The only reason the Saints should lose Monday night is if somehow it stays close and it ends up coming down to the kickers. Because, well, you know...theirs is very good, and ours is Marteen.

Prediction: Another day at the office for Drew. Dulymus probably only gets 8-10 relatively unproductive carries for 25-30 yards, but it'll be enough to achieve the desired effect. The "running game" will shift back to the short passes to Reggie, after he spent much of his time last week sulking. But that's fine, that's what they ought to do. Peterson will get his buck twenty and score twice, and they'll move the ball enough through the air to allow Longwell to add 3 field goals. Saints fans will be nervous most of the night, but in the end, this offense is officially rollin'. Saints 31, Vikings 23

After the lackluster performances that we've seen so far from the Purple, it's hard to argue with his pick (although I think that relying on statistical comparisons after only four games is a bit shaky). However, if there's one thing that we've learned during the current reign of Childress The Lame it is to expect the unexpected. Just when you're ready to write off the team, they'll rise up and surprise you by playing well. Conversely, as soon as your expectations start to rise, they'll lay an egg against an opponent they should easily beat. It's the ultimate in mediocrity.

Either way, with the Saints sporting a weak run defense and the Vikings pathetic (still) against the pass, Monday night's game should be fun to watch. And that's not something that we've been able to say very often during the current Chilly spell.

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