Friday, October 31, 2008

Freeze Dirtbag!

In case some of you (JB Doubtless) were skeptical about the impact that a deservedly obscure blog in Minnesota could have on a judicial election in Los Angeles consider this e-mail from Jack:

I proudly voted for Michael J. O'Gara for L.A. Superior Court Judge in Office 94, in an act of nearly random chance.

Here's how you vote for judges in L.A. If the choice is between:

C. Edward Mack - Criminal Trial Attorney (interpretation: SLIMY DIRTBAG TRIAL LAWYER)


Michael J. O'Gara - Criminal Prosecutor (interpretation: BARE-KNUCKLED IRISH BRAWLER WHO PUTS DIRTBAGS BEHIND BARS)

It's easy to put the black dot on #64. Mr. Mack may be a fine feller. But he chose his occupation poorly. That occupation listing is all the
political advertising he's gonna get this election cycle, and it's a loser.

If I ever run for judge, I will list as my occupation "tenacious dirtbag stalker" or some such. It's got a nice ring to it don't ya think?

Chalk one up for the good guys.