Tuesday, October 14, 2008

In Their Own Words

At Right Wing News, John Hawkins cites numerous examples of where the hateful rhetoric is really coming from:

One of the more unintentionally humorous experiences of the campaign season to people in the know is the liberal meme, pushed incessantly by the Obama campaign's surrogates in the mainstream media, that McCain/Palin crowds are vicious, angry mobs, based on one person here or there, yelling something mildly offensive. Oh no, someone yelled "kill him" at the rally -- just like you hear at every football game in America!

Meanwhile, the same members of the press who have been pushing this meme have bent over backwards to ignore the sort of violent rhetoric, raw hatred, vile conspiracy theories, and vicious demonization that regularly occurs on the Left -- and not just from unknown people in the middle of a large crowd. In fact, liberals are so used to saying things that could incite violence if people believed what they were saying (Bush is Hitler! Bush was behind 9/11! They're going to put you in camps unless they're stopped!) that it's considered blase.

With that in mind, here are just a few of the things libs have said in this country over the last few years, all of which are worse than anything you've heard or likely will hear from the occasional random loud mouth at a McCain/Palin rally...

It really is absurd when you consider that the last eight years have featured some of the most vile, hateful, and violent rhetoric directed against Republicans, especially President Bush and anyone in his administration who dared hold a position the Left disagreed with. And during that entire time I can't recall an instance of the media tut-tutting, calling for civility, and demanding that Democrats tamp down the rage.

In fact the media--many with the intellectual firepower of a chicken--and the entertainment industry--many with the moral grounding of a protozoa--have been the ones subjecting us to a relentless daily barrage of mocking and attacking the intelligence, integrity, and character of Republicans. Yet not once in the last eight years (at least to my knowledge) did anyone from either camp pause, look in the mirror, and ask if perhaps, just perhaps, they were contributing to the environment where the Left felt justified in smashing windows, slashing tires, shouting down speakers, throwing blood, fantasizing about assassinations, and smearing people by calling them Nazis, fascists, war criminals, terrorists, etc.